Kikko the Kitty from Outer Space

We lost this beautiful girl last month. It was just over a year since Mr. Trouble passed.

I want to post more here. I was taking a break as a tribute to my fallen pet but I feel Kikko would want me to keep working on this and share her cute face.

She was a great friend and photo subject. She made the cutest noises and acted like a puppy as she would run to you when you called her name. Kikko “Monster” slept between us every night and chirped “Good morning” and gave nose kisses for her breakfast. The house feels empty without her. Sister Wasabi is lonely but doing as well as can be expected. Our little alien kitty has just gone home… We miss her so much!

moving wasabi and kikkoman

cute kikkoman kittykikkoman new canon shotkikkoman wasabi windowcatsandotherthings 266iseesamcats 052kikkoman wide eyed



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