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They torn down Lafayette School this week. It has been abandoned for as long as I can remember.  

Cattle Congress


Cattle Congress hasn’t changed much since I went as a kid. I even ran into my good friend who I hadn’t seen in years. You never know what might pop up at a local carnival :)

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blastedgoat:Want more Iowa State Fair? Check out this entry on my photoblog! Thanks :) Originally posted on BLASTED GOAT: View original

Spring has finally made it! I’ve transplanted some lovely sprouts and I’m cleaning up all the crap that’s been burying me all winter (and longer) The new job is going well and I’ve got a fancy new (old school) push mower that works fantastic! I can’t wait for my plants to get bigger and the […]

Make that re-visitation. I wandered through the cemetery today (through the piles of snow) I figured I better get some shots before the next round of storms hits Monday. I made two amazing discoveries today. At the bottom of one of my favorite statues I found this odd little thing I never noticed before, a […]

Garden Gallery at BG Images The best shots of last year’s garden! There’s more coming soon as I’m about to start my first plantings :D Thought I’d put my portfolio on Facebook so I’m as accessible as possible for future photography opportunities. I started with my favorite shots from my first point and shoot Canon. […]

It’s hard to believe because I’ve been saying it for so long but my camera is dead. I thought I would relive her better days with a series of highlights from her fading lens… I’m also attempting analog photography soon as I have many film cameras that are gathering dust! [Above] Advertisement found on the […]

Here are more images from that walk around Sturgis Falls :) A few of these were featured in my Weekly Photo Challenge: Create entry in my photographic novel… While you’re at it go ahead and check out the other weekly challenges I’ve posted there if it strikes your fancy!

Just like me, they long to be…

Thanks for visiting my local beach. I know I’ll be hanging out here frequently this summer as it is free and it’s been super hot and dry so far this year! What kind of summer activities are you looking forward to? Would you swim in a lake/river/ocean or do you prefer their chlorinated brethren?


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