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Angie baked these hammer and saw shaped sugar cookies for me to frost for her brother’s birthday and they went quick! We will definitely be making these again! It was easy for me (she bought three cans of $1 frosting in white, blue and red) all I did was add other colors and use her […]

Each cupcake here started in a regular greased cupcake pan full of $1 boxed devil’s food cake mix. For peanut butter add a drizzle of slightly heated peanut butter to the tops and bake as directed. For mint stir in mint chips when making the batter. For plain just bake according to the recipe. For […]

Remember these? They are made by boiling (frequently stirring) your favorite berries (I used raspberries, blueberries and blackberries as they are my favorites AND on sale!) with sugar. I don’t know how much, a good handful, or a couple of cups, however sweet you wish your fruit goo to be but remember it is fruit […]

What can you do with two boxes of $1 cake mix (yellow and devil’s food) two cans of store brand frosting (milk chocolate and cream cheese) two variations of sprinkles (rainbow dots and classic chocolate) three types of berries boiled with sugar into fruit goo filling (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry) along with Andes mint baking […]

Have you ever wanted to make delicious salsa at home with things you grew in your own garden? Even if you buy produce from your local grocery store the quality and flavor of making it yourself makes doing so well worth the time! It is really easy to make and customize. This recipe is give […]

I had left over ground meat (it could be beef, venison, turkey) so I added spices I like such as: Chili Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Pepper (black/white/crushed red… whatever you prefer depending on the spice you want to achieve!) You can also add Cumin, Oregano and Paprika for color and flavor. Cook the meat, […]

With the exception of the two tallest plants, I grew all these babies from seeds. This is my first garden so I’m still learning… as for the tall plants, they are called tomatillos and Angie donated them to my patio garden! The tomatillo is also known as the husk tomato, jamberry, husk cherry, Mexican tomato, […]

More photos taken outside the iconic Waterloo restaurant! View my original post/review of Steamboat Gardens Restaurant here.

They are getting much bigger! I am planting some more herbs soon they are super easy to grow… this was my first time and the basil already smells amazing!

No, I’m not shy about saying the double ll word, hell, there you go! I am, however, also a big fan of the word heck! I’m also hoping things don’t get too much worse, hard to imagine but I would like to reserve “hell” just in case my head goes flying off or something horribly […]

Homemade Salsa


Cut up tomato, green pepper, garlic, red or any type of onion, jalapeno and combine with a little vinegar, lime juice and salt if desired. I will post more detailed instructions later. For now check out these pictures of my last batch. That is all hand cut because I don’t have a working food processor […]

I usually have a few potatoes left in the bottom of the bag. I started slicing them up, frying them in oil and adding salt. Ok, it isn’t the healthiest snack ever but it is better than reaching for that overinflated, under-filled bag of “Ray’s” or whatever brand you prefer! ;P The best part is […]

Growing Update!


It’s almost time to transplant the counter-top garden outside… at least part of it. Tomatoes will find bigger pots with soil waiting but, some herbs are staying right on my windowsill where they can be picked & added last minute, easily! I’m also thinking of planting garlic and onion… might not be the right time […]


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