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I’ve been writing about Harry Potter again… It just seems like I never get bored with it no matter how many times I read the books. I don’t watch the films as often but I love to pop one in from time to time and always see them loads of times when they first come […]

Strange to be here (a bookstore at midnight!) Waiting in line with the end in clear sight! Every which one sorted just after arrival allowing plenty of time to size up our rivals. Hagrids towering over, fake grizzled beards… dozens of Hermiones, a force to be feared! All came early to witness the fall, predicting […]

I was intrigued by this essay question from the good folks at and thought it would make an amazing series of posts… Here’s the question: Dreams feature prominently in the Harry Potter book series. Sometimes they are used by Jo to foreshadow future events, at other times they seem to be collections of random […]

I am awake early to try to get into Pottermore. This is day 4 so I really hope I get in… who knows when the next clues will appear… I am watching the comments fly in from around the world of others waiting again for Potter, just like I am. Guess none of us really […]

JULY 14th, 2011: BEFORE At the premiere of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows and it is about 9pm. Grandma called me at 2pm and said people were waiting in tents! There are a dozen or so Hermione’s and other girls in various lengths and patterns of plaid skirts. I even passed a dedicated Lord […]

Here is the original article by Dave Thier. It was written yesterday and has spawned some controversy for die hard fans. I will take this article on, section by section, line by line if need be. Dave needs to stop writing articles about things he clearly didn’t research and doesn’t care about. Dave Thier, I […]

I’m a little over halfway done with the seventh book… again. The final movie is only a week away and I thought I would share my experience with Harry Potter with all of you! I started reading the books in middle school and went to the theatre to see each film so many of my […]


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