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There’s a band I used to know and this is a show they did once :) I miss their music intensely but am lucky enough to know these people in real life and wish them all the best in their musical and other endeavors. Check them out, I will be posting small bits here and […]

We visited our state capitol yesterday. We came to Des Moines to see Electric Six, an amazing band from Detroit that travels the world and yet comes to a tiny bar in the middle of Iowa. I got to meet Dick Valentine again and he gave me a signature and photo and was such a […]

I really miss the OLD Reverb but I like Spicoli’s and the Reverb Rock Garden just fine. Here are pictures from the past, The Sudden Change (later The Space Natives) were my favorite local band… possibly because I knew all the members and they rocked with a funky style :D Wish those guys would get […]

I am not really that into the 80s. I was born in them (1986) and remember a few choice items, phrases, fads and facts from them but things remain pretty blurry. I figured since I like to make lists anyway I would start with something some people usually have an opinion on. If you love […]

I will post more of these as I record more audio and compile more sources. Hopefully this one will not be blocked for copyright reasons. Parts of this were originally in Too Much Media but it was impossible to cut out the songs without demolishing the whole project. If you are interested in music video […]

For this Independence Day I am posting a video that celebrates a group of people who have fought for the freedom of countess others and yet are often held back themselves… WOMEN. We make less and we still make your sandwiches! On a more serious note, some of the topics I will cover in future […]

I ♥ listening to anything by Danny Elfman and grew up watching films he scored. Some of my favorites are: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I wrote a series of three poems while listening to music from the latter. Please feel free to comment or add your own poems (they can take […]

A few years ago I wrote a paper about music video history for college. While most of the music video world is concerned with the promotion of a song some directors consider their creations artistic endeavors. Music videos are short enough to have an impact yet long enough to allow for the construction of a […]

You Are Stella


We had an old school recording session the other day on this nifty Panasonic tape recorder while waiting to get ProTools up and working. These shall be the B-sides of the Beat-Less. We are, after all, BEAT-LESS STUDIOS! I am the sometimes singer, drummer, videographer, and lyricist of a band which is yet to be […]

Saw this comment on a White Stripes video and fell in love with it… What bands have you lost? They can live on forever as long as we are still listening :)


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