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Year’s End


Just some words I emailed myself last week while I was supposed to be working. Edited New Year’s Eve. Hope it’s a creative and productive 2015! Year’s End I abandon you for the swarms in a mangled mind. Investing in nothing, just rambling around a broken town. Don’t remember the exact day, the precise moment […]

Luna Cosplay


I will post more photos from tonight (the big party) these were taken while I was figuring out my costume and during a little get-together I had Halloween night :D Look for a detailed post about the construction and makeup process (with more glamorous shots of me*… as a Japanese kitty turned human) *Thanks to […]

We made it through the storm (over a foot of snow!) and I made tons of tasty fudge! Sadly, the quality of my photos is not improved as I still don’t have my new camera… Snuggle in. Drink up. Laugh when the mood strikes. Don’t count how many pieces of fudge you’ve had so far… […]

My favorite time of year always seems like a blur. Got a few photo bits to mark the occasion!

Later, 2011!


It has been a year of sitting, wishing and waiting… learning new skills and losing some smelly old friends. All in all it was a good one and full of life. Let’s hope this time next year we will be saying the same thing about 2012… If we all get blown to smithereens next December […]

These shots are of fireworks from a summer or so ago but I figured we could all use a little warming up. Snuggle in and enjoy all your holiday celebrations this season!

A list of ideas for handmade/cost effective gifts this holiday season. I will link to each project’s page here once it’s completed with photos and/or instructions. My first project is a knitted wallet/cell phone/device holder. Zach made the knitted piece of material and it was in our knitting bag as a scrap for the longest […]

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life. My mother is smoking a hand-rolled cigarette on her sidewalk with Oreo, one of two cats she lives with in the one-bedroom apartment she’s managed to keep for several  years now. She’s served as an […]

I really miss the OLD Reverb but I like Spicoli’s and the Reverb Rock Garden just fine. Here are pictures from the past, The Sudden Change (later The Space Natives) were my favorite local band… possibly because I knew all the members and they rocked with a funky style :D Wish those guys would get […]

This playground series was taken in Exchange Park, the same place where Sami and I had our combined graduation party. This weekend will be an opportunity to see what we still have in common and to have fun with just the girls, the occasional guy will be tolerated :)


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