Holiday Make List

A list of ideas for handmade/cost effective gifts this holiday season. I will link to each project’s page here once it’s completed with photos and/or instructions. My first project is a knitted wallet/cell phone/device holder. Zach made the knitted piece of material and it was in our knitting bag as a scrap for the longest […]

April Fool?

I already posted today but wanted to wish everyone a happy April fool’s! I happen to be quite fond of fools, especially those that like to stand on or around hills! So far, I haven’t heard of any great pranks but the internet is laden with dumb fake news articles. I was somewhat optimistic for […]

Valentine’s Day: Melting Snow & Footprint Photos

We took these pictures yesterday because I had to work all day today. Yeah that’s right, nine hours of asking mostly thankless assholes if they “wanted a free cookie with that” because I am employed by an evil sandwich corporation that is attempting to up its cookie sales. It’s a dirty, rotten trick, hooking people […]