Colonial Michilimackinac Photo Series

Colonial Michilimackinacis a 1770s-era fort and fur trading village and ongoing archaeological dig. The village boasts 13 authentically reconstructed buildings, interactive displays, open hearth cooking, crafts, and cannon and musket firings. I loved walking around, it felt like being transported back in time! It’s only moments away from our next stop, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse!

Magical Armies Clash By Night*

Strange to be here (a bookstore at midnight!) Waiting in line with the end in clear sight! Every which one sorted just after arrival allowing plenty of time to size up our rivals. Hagrids towering over, fake grizzled beards… dozens of Hermiones, a force to be feared! All came early to witness the fall, predicting […]

Lemon Bars, IT Stars and Social Networking: Etymologial Tricks or Treats?

I am eating the remaining lemon bars and I have just finished my first knitted garment of the year! So it was just a practice blob of purple yarn but I fashioned it into a cape for my cat. It is quite adorable but he hates it so I will try not to subject him […]