30 Days of Snapshots from Blasted Goat’s Photographic Novel

Please click the image above to visit my Photographic Novel. A few days ago I found this list floating around social networking sites and decided to make it a challenge for my photo blog: Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you […]


Playground in May, stormy day, rain clouds come to play, you didn’t stay. Try to remember, easy to forget living in the light there’s no time for regret. Before day breaks, the sun sets. Leaves wither, yellowing in spring, they spiral dying before they feel sunshine. I can’t remember, I am already and always forgetting. […]

Spidery Veins

I dye thick curls in cherry pie filling. If the scent catches your attention… follow the trail of crunched up leaves, abandon your clothes in the tall trees. I’ll pack down the trail, the weeds and the dead leaves. Stale flowers crumble in the breeze. Around us the moon spills for miles around I hear […]