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This photo-series is dedicated to my friend Sam because Lilacs really do remind her of death and she got me one of my first jobs at Happy Chef in Waterloo, which recently closed. I picked the Lilacs from my backyard and they have since withered and decayed themselves…

Saw this comment on a White Stripes video and fell in love with it… What bands have you lost? They can live on forever as long as we are still listening :)

For those of you who don’t know my car has finally died… I called him Dr. Gonzo and honestly, I’m amazed he lasted this long. I will always cherish the fond memories I have with him, especially driving up that mountain in Colorado. Long live blastedgoat’s Buick, Dr. Gonzo!

You know those flowers you picked for me? The ones that rested on the windowsill since spring? They’re nearly dead. Only a few pale yellow petals hold on, their cup full– of spidery threads woven around moldy stems.

Just the title to a song, a song that’s going on. Today, heat is here, and I’m alone for time unknown. Stop typing, head over pen, writing’s dead. Way to change, sell your shit or be next in line to lose an eye…



If he saved himself I would be happy. If he had a little jar of air I would be happy to poke some breathing holes. Summer ends as his swollen body returns only to be eaten by tiny bugs and worms. Grass is greener over here… a ghost is fog that lingers near. Try to […]

In Siddhartha dreams enlighten the dreamer to some greater truth, “when a man is asleep, he penetrates his innermost and dwells in Atman” (Hesse 1951 7). Siddhartha becomes restless when he realizes what he has become and his entire life sickens him. After a sleepless night he finally falls asleep at dawn and has a […]


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