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No, I’m not shy about saying the double ll word, hell, there you go! I am, however, also a big fan of the word heck! I’m also hoping things don’t get too much worse, hard to imagine but I would like to reserve “hell” just in case my head goes flying off or something horribly […]

Hippy Hippity!! I’m now a paid unemployed writer, my dream come true! My employer didn’t fight my unemployment claim so barring any crazy circumstances I should get paid very soon! I will continue my knitting and daily writing in addition to my job hunting and house cleaning duties. I was very nervous for my fact […]

This series was taken in our old house on Rainbow Dr. Ginger is no longer with us but I have a hard drive & heart full of pictures and memories that I like to post from time to time to remind myself that I had an amazing friend and that she is still with me. […]

True lovers. Really true lovers, like the kinds you find in fairy tales. They may be unrealistic. Heroes and heroines rarely if ever stand up against evil, at least to the greatest evils: poverty, starvation, debt, classism, serfdom, slavery and genocide. All of these things continue to exist in our world due to a disproportionate […]

I didn’t have enough money for books my first semester of college and my school loans were thirty days from my bank account so I got my first credit card. Five years and some odd months later I have a few more credit cards, a few loans and a lot of bills going into delinquency, […]

This is a comment I received on a message I sent the University of Northern Iowa where I am currently a student and employee. My original message was about the declining quality of the education at UNI and my personal dissatisfaction with a proposed $100 surcharge for the spring semester (after financial aid has been […]


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