Female Identities in Popular Music

I will post more of these as I record more audio and compile more sources. Hopefully this one will not be blocked for copyright reasons. Parts of this were originally in Too Much Media but it was impossible to cut out the songs without demolishing the whole project. If you are interested in music video […]

Inflatable Plastic Toy

There’s a big swirling ball of garbage There’s a lot of fucking soup cans They’re emptying off shelves and multiplying Plastic and tin triangle of death each particle a star a blink that goes on by… Earth is my… inflatable plastic toy.


watch for me! omg i am so honored, yayness! MrDaMan http://www.youtube.com/MrDaMan David Randall Curtis http://www.youtube.com/DavidRandallCurtis Neruda Death Camp http://www.youtube.com/WetlandsRemediation Koryargonic http://www.youtube.com/koryargonic Ellyunfortunetly http://www.youtube.com/ellyunfortunetly NewComposition http://www.youtube.com/newcomposition ElviraDark http://www.youtube.com/elviradark6 TinySpectacle http://www.youtube.com/tinySpectacle blastedgoat http://www.youtube.com/blastedgoat BerserkerPoetry http://www.youtube.com/BERSERKERpoetry