Colonial Michilimackinac Photo Series

Colonial Michilimackinacis a 1770s-era fort and fur trading village and ongoing archaeological dig. The village boasts 13 authentically reconstructed buildings, interactive displays, open hearth cooking, crafts, and cannon and musket firings. I loved walking around, it felt like being transported back in time! It’s only moments away from our next stop, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse!

Waterloo, Iowa (My Hometown)

Waterloo was originally known as Prairie Rapids Crossing. The town was established near two Meskwaki American tribal seasonal camps alongside the Cedar River. It was first settled in 1845 when George and Mary Melrose Hanna and their children arrived on the east bank of the Red Cedar River (now just called the Cedar River) DOWNTOWN […]

Modernity Tales

What are MODERNITY TALES? They are short stories to tell your little ones that dabble in our modern morality, culture and society. These include re-writes and remixes of old Fae stories, tall tales, urban legends and the like with a contemporary twist! Snuggle in and be brave it is a strange new world! Excerpts from […]

Good Mood Music :]

Do we like the same singers/bands? Feel free to add any other awesome music to check out. I will post some links to videos based on the response! I am working on material for a short project about music history so feel free to include music of all decades/genres I will add more polls/posts as […]