This page tells you who is voting for and against (or leaning against) the SOPA/PIPA legislation: After being harassed (or rather petitioned by his fellow Iowans online and on the phone) Chuck Grassley switched sides on the controversial SOPA/PIPA situation. I blogged about this the other day after blacking this blog out in protest […]

Are We ifriends or ifoes?

I decided to start off with a whole new post but I will be continuing where my previous post left off: Topic of Interest #1: Phones I noticed this article on Freshly Pressed today: I Will Check My Phone At Dinner And You Will Deal With It. I have friends who are constantly on iphones […]

Past and Present

I walked up the stairs that overlook the entire contents of the first floor of the Waterloo Public Library and felt as if I were climbing them for the first time. I used to climb them with Sami after school to check out fantasy books. She looked for the newest Terry Goodkind novel and I […]