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I recently re-watched much of Sailor Moon including the 2nd movie, Hearts in Ice and decided to go as “human Luna” for Halloween this year (keep in mind I’m twenty-seven!) I don’t own the above images they are property of Sailor Moon creator, Naoko Takeuchi. I intend on buying myself the entire manga set for […]

Never, found a composer who could keep me composed. Never, met an artist able of painting a tone. Never, needed a novelist to write a melody before. Melt away the first and last time we kissed. Now, just a haunting song lost somewhere in the mist. Look for more poetry & photography soon! ♥ BG

Michigan was a blast… This is just the first day or so of our vacation. Other stops include: historical tours of a British fur trading encampment and lighthouse,  a Soo Locks boat tour that takes us to Canadian waters as well as a self-guided tour of the Icebreaker ship museum and a relaxing ride across […]

I’ve been busy baking a few more batches of cupcakes, taking care of a sick man, shoveling a snowy staircase and drawing, of course! I am at 10/12 for the month and with it about to turn over to day 13 I have some catching up to do! I have a few other exciting announcements […]

Eight blue cues revolve. Spider eyes on a fly spiraling toward suicide. Twisting inside. Maggots, golden, curly clues. Fake little ring dangles from a warty finger. I did not listen to “DO NOT ENTER!” Curiosity compelled me to try my bit of luck. But I’ve already lost a ruby slipper so I’m waiting on a […]

Words on her face she can’t erase (fading lies) smoothed over time. Take a second look in every single book you’ve ever read. REAFFIRM EVERY THOUGHT THAT’S IN THAT HEAD! What’s below the horizon? Why does it go on forever? Stretched out–gripping rainbows it is unable of letting go? Never reaching for silver linings, always […]

I was sipping sweet sorrow right through his broken arrow. Silly thoughts of sometime last January: We proclaimed our willingness to leave our lovers in padded karaoke kissing booths– Then, shared more than a glass or two behind frosted windows. I still see him whenever I please, but his pillow hair is made of dreams. […]

Her Stormy Eyes


You update me from far away. Window pounded, flash of hot rain. What was that I wished for? I wanted you to call me back, to tell me what you want. I hope without your glance I don’t blink out of existence. I’ve been waiting since our last Indian Summer held up like a prisoner […]

We Grow Old


We grow old but our story does not remain untold. We may lose our pets and parts and end up forgetting the rest. Turn our cheeks to the cold and lift the corners of our mouths in jest. Eventually we will turn to dust and mold ourselves, long after we are bought and sold, or […]

I am envious of the lens that saw him moments before he died–he smiled. kids rolled down hills, their screams were the things of dreams… I tumble and feel wet grass, growing around his gravestone, a place that marks the letter sealed inside. words eaten long ago by worms–scorched on a sidewalk, split in half […]

I say this, but to you it means that or worse, nothing. A tree obscures a power-line, fried potatoes tower over trembling pieces of yellow corn. Tassels grab clouds that rip. Contents pour, orange juice scum lingers on the lips of a tall glass. Stringy pulp tastes a bit like the dream I had after […]


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