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Garden Variety


New things are blooming everyday! Much more to come this season and up next… Autumn, my favorite, but don’t tell the others! Each has its own merit. (and I live in the Midwest!)

Check out the original post for more backyard digital macro shots! Here are my favorites that fit in with the “through” theme. Thanks for looking through my photos :) Stop by again, I’m always clicking! Go see what everyone else is going through…

I found this colorful character on a walk behind my mum’s house! I am fascinated with the colors of small bugs… The best part is when creatures like this transform into beautiful flying insects. We live in such a beautiful, colorful world! Thanks to for weekly inspirational prompts!

Thanks for joining me on this photowalk. I hope to go on many more this year before it gets too cold :) Check my photoblog later this week for more shots from our mini-vacation and outtakes of Andy rock and tree climbing! Zach and I had a wonderful time. Ironically we made it out of […]

I recently lost my computer… here are 40 photos that were held captive on my camera for a week or so! They are of me, my plants, and one of my three kitty cats :)

This is a series of digital macro shots I took yesterday morning in my own back yard. I really love close up pictures of nature so I will bring you more of any interesting things I come across very soon! Digital macro introduced me to a whole new world entirely! A world where I actually […]



In the deadest dream of winter does all descend in slow motion? Snowflakes suspended in midair, wood creaks as frost clings to branches. Life hangs but from a spidery thread. Drops of water freeze to gems plummeting toward solid ground. A tiny leaf trembles; still connected by a slender stem, it snaps in two– the […]


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