How Are You Growing? Aerial Associations (News and Musings)

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog. It has really only been a week or so but SO MUCH has happened in that time! Turned twenty-seven Spent time with two best friends GOT AWESOME NEW JOB That about sums it up! I am twenty-seven and finally have a professional office job. I […]

Devil’s Food Cupcakes: Combinations of Mint and Peanut Butter

Each cupcake here started in a regular greased cupcake pan full of $1 boxed devil’s food cake mix. For peanut butter add a drizzle of slightly heated peanut butter to the tops and bake as directed. For mint stir in mint chips when making the batter. For plain just bake according to the recipe. For […]

Assorted Creative Cupcakes [Photos]

What can you do with two boxes of $1 cake mix (yellow and devil’s food) two cans of store brand frosting (milk chocolate and cream cheese) two variations of sprinkles (rainbow dots and classic chocolate) three types of berries boiled with sugar into fruit goo filling (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry) along with Andes mint baking […]