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Bee :)  

One… two… threes!

I love interesting and unexpected photos! What did everyone else put together?

Homegrown fruits, veggies and herbs for your visual pleasure and my gluttonous indulgence! I have so many new shots that I will be dividing them into several posts :)

I’ve been working, oh my readers! Working at work and working at home. I lost my inter-web access last week and hence no updates… But now I’m back and have so much to tell and show you :) Here are some flowers, in case you were angry. If you weren’t angry then they are just […]

Just like me, they long to be…

This entry is mostly about human nature. How we try to build over and overpower nature and how she fights back and overgrows us. Nature is a powerful idea we cannot block out completely even when we humans try to live outside of it because nature always has a way of creeping back… I mean […]

I turned 26 on the 12th. I’ve been busy trying to upgrade my internet and I’ve put in applications all over town. I’ve applied at several restaurants ranging from subs to fine dining, an art supply shop, a copy shop and a gas station.I thought I would share a few photos I missed posting in […]


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