RARCATS [new cat rescue website]

I’ve been working on a new project called RARCATS. It’s  a place for my friends and I to post photos and videos of rescued cats to try to get them adopted out. We also collect scrap metal, computers and cans (redeemable and non-redeemable) to raise funds to help strays with food, medical care and getting […]

I Read the News Today…

This may seem grim but a young man hung himself in the park featured in this series of photographs earlier in the summer. His was one of several deaths (hangings and shootings) that happened in Waterloo, Iowa in 2010. There was a shooting right behind the Subway I work as well as one that killed […]

Ode to an Eve

Dangle your body, rotten berries, deep red and starting to reek. I am not mesmerized by your high-pitched whine or bleach blonde brain cells, deadened like the nerves in your jaw, but am repulsed by the slack in your thigh, the line of orange mask that falls to the floor like moldy fruit  when you […]