RARCATS [new cat rescue website]

I’ve been working on a new project called RARCATS. It’s  a place for my friends and I to post photos and videos of rescued cats to try to get them adopted out. We also collect scrap metal, computers and cans (redeemable and non-redeemable) to raise funds to help strays with food, medical care and getting […]

Kevin Costner: Ocean of Dreams, Dances with BP or Oilworld?

Kevin Costner, one of the first “stars” spotted in the Gulf coast has introduced a ‘dream machine’ that will separate oil from water. Some are calling it the Deepwater Horizon spill, some the Gulf oil spill and others still call it BP’s mess (all are accurate) but what they aren’t talking about is that many […]

Recycled Lines

How dear I make my own memories seem when I bask in the warmth of… sorry, I am rambling on once more… It’s very sad how some people abuse animals, thanks for letting me vent, Sara. Wow, congrats! This is a wonderful and beautifully written way to explain things. The fact that you’re a little […]