Dizzy Domesticity

A strange dream of a smile split in two. Red dizzy spit pooling in the drain, dissipating in feathery swirls but, the piercing’s disappeared. Silver spike missing from pink gums. A boy I adore lays beside me on a couch leaning in as his girlfriend watches television.  We dare to hold hands where she can’t […]

Saw Her in a Dream

I had this weird dream last night. I know a lot of my posts, poems, and days start out exactly this way but this time a true inspiration stuck. Stuck, not struck. Inspiration strikes my mind all the time but rarely does it stick until morning. It struck a bit like bipolar lightning alternating between […]


watch for me! omg i am so honored, yayness! MrDaMan http://www.youtube.com/MrDaMan David Randall Curtis http://www.youtube.com/DavidRandallCurtis Neruda Death Camp http://www.youtube.com/WetlandsRemediation Koryargonic http://www.youtube.com/koryargonic Ellyunfortunetly http://www.youtube.com/ellyunfortunetly NewComposition http://www.youtube.com/newcomposition ElviraDark http://www.youtube.com/elviradark6 TinySpectacle http://www.youtube.com/tinySpectacle blastedgoat http://www.youtube.com/blastedgoat BerserkerPoetry http://www.youtube.com/BERSERKERpoetry


the window glows a blizzard blows the t.v. snow obstructs my view you lay beside me a cat indents my pillow i hear strange storms thunderous snow expecting 13 inches in the morning a cold snow globe we are shaken & covered with sparkling confetti death is beautiful winter is a parade of freezing white […]


She was very strange from an early age. She collected books and loved to organize and count them. Even when she was little the books she read were morbid. She used to ride her bike down the hills of the cemetery near her best friend’s house. They used to steal discarded flower arrangements from the […]