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One… two… threes!

I must go on more walks…

Images I never got around to posting (I’m pretty sure) Twelve to mark the occasion!        

Check out the original post for more backyard digital macro shots! Here are my favorites that fit in with the “through” theme. Thanks for looking through my photos :) Stop by again, I’m always clicking! Go see what everyone else is going through…

PhotoHunt: Drop


Dropping this one off a little late :)

I am attempting to fit a few extra odds and ends in and inspiration is close at hand with the two Sunday Post prompts I missed!

I enjoyed looking through the archives to come up with this batch of weird shots for this week’s photo challenge! If you want to see what everyone else is coming up with check out the Daily Post! I had many photos that fit this week’s theme so I thought of making another post of them […]

Here are cupcakes, graveyards, my face… photos I took this month but that didn’t fit into any of the posts so far. Look for these topics and more to be covered again this month… and the next… and the next. You get the picture. I am in this for the long haul. In fact, I […]

I always thought this tree looked grumpy… or tired… come to think of it, this tree looks like I’ve felt the last few days… blast these insane headaches! I feel a bit better now so watch out for my weekly photo post and all the other goodies I’ve been promising you :D

Simple Living Award For anyone who teaches others to live simply. Environmental and organic blogs would work wonderfully for this award but feel free to use it where you see fit :)    The Rooted Blogger For anyone who enjoys posting about trees or nature in general. A big plus if the blogger delves into […]


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