Well I’m heading into the big city tomorrow for my twenty-eighth. Richard Dawkins talking in my home state on my birthday… the day is mostly based on that. I want to check out Zombie Burger and walk around the Capitol if we have time. It is supposed to storm so who knows, this year could get off to an interesting start!

I got a greenhouse. I also bought motor oil. Ah, being an adult!

Here are a few final photos from twenty-seven year old me :)

They torn down Lafayette School this week. It has been abandoned for as long as I can remember.


big woods lake canopy openinglove bugs

One… two… threes!

Make Me!


What kinds of tasty creations would you most like to learn how to make?

fancy deviled eggs fruit filled cakes/cupcakes mixed greens with a blast of berry and avocado avocado, crab and cucumber sushi roll

I can make all this plus more! I can focus on healthy drinks, tacos, pasta, basic bread baking, salsa, chili… basically anything I’m in the mood for! Tell me the kind of things you would like to learn how to make :)

blastedgoat with skeleton lights

I finally made a legit Halloween costume this year and snapped so many pictures. I usually end up looking awesome (but not doing what I had planned!) This year I started a new tradition of actually committing to a costume and finishing it! Guess who I was… Pretty hard unless you see the original post! Here’s a clue…

orange glowing skeleton

Give up? I went as a cute little manga kitty by the name of Luna!

blastedgoat bow

Hey there stranger! I’m pretty funny lookin’ but it doesn’t matter. We each have our own thing going on. It took me the better part of twenty seven years on this little blue marble to figure that out.

Now, why don’t you show everyone your beautiful face?

I love interesting and unexpected photos!

unexpected visitorbridge in the big woods snow in the grass ant life

What did everyone else put together?

trouble in the grass

This is an old photo of Mr. Trouble and I playing in the grass at our old house.

Last night I transplanted a few houseplants and wintered peppers. I also have plans to plant herbs and early crops in the next few weeks! Spring is just around the corner (30 degrees was feeling quite warm today) and even though I know we still have a ways to go I can’t help but think of days chasing butterflies and being elbow deep in dirt again :D

The snow couldn’t have been more beautiful or dangerous last night. I drove over seventy miles in a single day (much more than I usually would) and it was just back and forth between the town I live in and the town my boyfriend and I work in. I met a few new people the last day of 2013 and I also spent time with those I’ve known for many new years. Food was had, most especially delicious cheese and I finished that huge bottle of Kinky.

Here it is, before noon mind you, New Year’s Day, and all I can think is 2013 is going to be difficult to forget. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. I can’t wait to begin planting seeds! I feel a surge of positive energy and I’m going to use it to create something each day for the next 364!

So I guess you could call that a resolution of sorts. I’ve never been one to make a silly resolution but I am constantly trying to improve. Each day in 2014 I want to snap a photo, knit a garment or draw a doodle! Perhaps I will trim the leaves of a plant for a therapeutic effect or even whip up a delicious desert to impress my friends when I’m feeling fancy. As long as I can tell myself I literally made 2014 I can call this silly resolution business a success. Huzzah!

I present to you: MAKING 2014!

I will update weekly or so on this blog to tell you how I’m doing and share all the things I want to make this year :) These entries will be under the “Making 2014″ category. Feel free to tag “make2014″ yourself if you get inspired to make this the best year ever!

yours truly, blastedgoat

My triumphant return to the Weekly Photo Challenge! Jut ONE of countless ripples I shall set upon the interweb :)

swan in koi pond

Why not check out all the other fish in the sea?

I will also try to catch up on missed photo challenges at photographic novel.

I found these historical photos of the Rath Packing Company on the Library of Congress website and took the others a few months ago.

Last night it snowed. I peeked out the window before I hit the hay. It was well after midnight when I said goodnight. I was attempting to relieve the terrible headache that began to plague me late yesterday evening.

I’m awake and somehow writing a blog when I should be getting ready for work. Don’t worry I’ll get there soon enough.

Besides the extreme cold and the fact that I forgot my boots at work I look forward to digging out the car, taking in the sharp air and feeling the car heater warm numb fingers.

Summer is long gone but I have all winter to make plans for the next one and reflect on all that happened that year. It’s nearly time to order seeds for the garden and handcraft small gifts for the people I love the most.

I don’t look forward to the icy roads, terrible drivers or disgusting acts of consumerism but I do begin to examine the life I’m creating.

I must create it every single day because otherwise I’m just uncovering my car and driving to a 9 to 5. Not that I’m unhappy with my job (though I am sometimes) but I need to do so much more than that if I ever want my dream of being a successful writer to come true. I don’t want or need to be a household name. The kind comments I have gotten from stranger, friend and curious acquaintance is fantastic. I would like to see the finished products in my hands. I already have this blog to hold for as long as WordPress extends its servers to me. I have so many ghosts haunting the internet and I hope that this place never becomes one of those places.

If you will keep listening, I’ll keep going.

I must go on more walks…

Just think, in 2008 I was still in college and looking for a place to back up all those tedious writing assignments. Flash drives and failed computers sent me on a quest to start an educational blog.

It was a rocky start. Seriously, take a look! I’ve gone through and cleaned up some grammar in places (certainly not all the places!) but I figured it would be fun to leave those silly posts to see how I started and how far I could go.

It became so much more than that! I began writing reviews and posting my college papers (on various topics including early American film, Emily Dickinson, and my most viewed post of all time about a little cancelled television show Freaks and Geeks.

I started making YouTube videos in 2006 but my style was sporadic. I’ve done everything from cliche poetry videos to experimental films. I like to create beauty from everyday life be it my wonderful tabby cat who was the star of many a video and who is no longer among us or the ever-changing attire of Iowa seasons. Soon, I began to notice and take part in more community events and travel beyond my computer screen ;)

It has been a wondrous experience and my blog has certainly changed. I know the time to write is approaching (my best poetry and prose happens in the chilly months) but I love the contrast this gives my posts. My visitors can take a quick look in my garden in the summer and read my deep dark thoughts in the dead of winter.

Check out this selection from the pages of blastedgoat and let me know what kind of things you want to see in 2014 and beyond…

cedar falls street lamp


Everything I Grew In 2013

Capturing Summer

Death of a Rollerdrome

Visitation (Snow Angels at Fairview Cemetery)

Green Grasshopper (macro)

Skeleton Leaves, Green Winged Creature… (macro)


The Golden Afternoon

What Have I Lost?

In Dream

Capturing Parallels

Her Stormy Eyes

media inspired

Edward Scissorhands Poetry (inspired by music from the Tim Burton classic)

Farewell, Harry Potter (just before the last Harry Potter film came out)

Music Videos 101 (Essay on the likes of Nirvana, Marcy Playground, NIN & No Doubt)

Too Much Media (Female Identities in Pop Music, from Patsy Cline to t.A.T.u.)


Saw Her in a Dream (autobiographical)

The Dead Winter (autobiographical)

school work

Graphic Illustration (graphic design essay written after seeing a Ralph Steadman)

Unconventional Victorian Poets (Final essay for Victorian Literature)

photographic novel

More photos can be found here–photographic novel and mande green gallery

Creative writing here–monochromejadethoughtsdreamwrathfully


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