June Blooms


My love is gone for a few days to visit family in a beautiful part of the country. Though I get to go with him at the end of the summer with my work schedule it wasn’t possible to go this time. I’m sad I won’t be seeing any mountains any time soon but I’m keeping busy picking up my house and garden.

I have many things planted and I’m sure there will be even more done by the time he gets back!

I hope to have lots of beautiful produce and plants to sell in my local Farmer’s Market. So far, I haven’t made much but considering I’ve only sold catnip that grows behind my house and cilantro that popped up all by itself I’m off to a good start.

Here are some snaps of the garden to get us all through until my love (who has my camera) comes home:

Much love to you all! I hope you are not as lonely as I will be this week but you know what they say about distance and the heart. So far it seems to be true and it has honestly only been a few hours… Kind of sad on my part I suppose! If you do happen to get lonely why not strike up some conversation in my comments section or maybe even catch up with some loose ends of your own?

Late Start


As of late, my garden is waking from its long hibernation…

Things are taking off and so I will have more frequent updates soon. I have tiny onions, carrots, potatoes and jalapenos already!

I cannot flipping believe I’ve neglected my lovely blog for almost a month! The garden is coming in nicely. Some plants I grew from seed but after a few mishaps I had to look around my local garden centers, too. I will snap photos very soon but until then check out the awesome blossoming trees I’ve seen!

tree flower pear blossoms little white apple blossom blossoming tree

28 Years Later


The birthday was a success! We had beautiful weather and a delicious lunch at Zombie Burger (well worth the wait!) We didn’t spend much time at the capitol but I got a few snaps. Richard Dawkins was awesome! I adore hearing him talk :)

Richard Dawkins in Des Moines

Check out more photos from my trip at Photographic Novel! I have to save the big uploads for my other blogs until I can afford to get an upgrade for good old blastedgoat. I have junk on this blog dating back to 2008. It is amazing what one can acquire (even online) in six years… We won’t talk about things that I may or may not have posted to the internet during my formative years ;)

Well I’m heading into the big city tomorrow for my twenty-eighth. Richard Dawkins talking in my home state on my birthday… the day is mostly based on that. I want to check out Zombie Burger and walk around the Capitol if we have time. It is supposed to storm so who knows, this year could get off to an interesting start!

I got a greenhouse. I also bought motor oil. Ah, being an adult!

Here are a few final photos from twenty-seven year old me :)

They torn down Lafayette School this week. It has been abandoned for as long as I can remember.


big woods lake canopy openinglove bugs

One… two… threes!

Make Me!


What kinds of tasty creations would you most like to learn how to make?

fancy deviled eggs fruit filled cakes/cupcakes mixed greens with a blast of berry and avocado avocado, crab and cucumber sushi roll

I can make all this plus more! I can focus on healthy drinks, tacos, pasta, basic bread baking, salsa, chili… basically anything I’m in the mood for! Tell me the kind of things you would like to learn how to make :)

blastedgoat with skeleton lights

I finally made a legit Halloween costume this year and snapped so many pictures. I usually end up looking awesome (but not doing what I had planned!) This year I started a new tradition of actually committing to a costume and finishing it! Guess who I was… Pretty hard unless you see the original post! Here’s a clue…

orange glowing skeleton

Give up? I went as a cute little manga kitty by the name of Luna!

blastedgoat bow

Hey there stranger! I’m pretty funny lookin’ but it doesn’t matter. We each have our own thing going on. It took me the better part of twenty seven years on this little blue marble to figure that out.

Now, why don’t you show everyone your beautiful face?

I love interesting and unexpected photos!

unexpected visitorbridge in the big woods snow in the grass ant life

What did everyone else put together?

trouble in the grass

This is an old photo of Mr. Trouble and I playing in the grass at our old house.

Last night I transplanted a few houseplants and wintered peppers. I also have plans to plant herbs and early crops in the next few weeks! Spring is just around the corner (30 degrees was feeling quite warm today) and even though I know we still have a ways to go I can’t help but think of days chasing butterflies and being elbow deep in dirt again :D

The snow couldn’t have been more beautiful or dangerous last night. I drove over seventy miles in a single day (much more than I usually would) and it was just back and forth between the town I live in and the town my boyfriend and I work in. I met a few new people the last day of 2013 and I also spent time with those I’ve known for many new years. Food was had, most especially delicious cheese and I finished that huge bottle of Kinky.

Here it is, before noon mind you, New Year’s Day, and all I can think is 2013 is going to be difficult to forget. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. I can’t wait to begin planting seeds! I feel a surge of positive energy and I’m going to use it to create something each day for the next 364!

So I guess you could call that a resolution of sorts. I’ve never been one to make a silly resolution but I am constantly trying to improve. Each day in 2014 I want to snap a photo, knit a garment or draw a doodle! Perhaps I will trim the leaves of a plant for a therapeutic effect or even whip up a delicious desert to impress my friends when I’m feeling fancy. As long as I can tell myself I literally made 2014 I can call this silly resolution business a success. Huzzah!

I present to you: MAKING 2014!

I will update weekly or so on this blog to tell you how I’m doing and share all the things I want to make this year :) These entries will be under the “Making 2014″ category. Feel free to tag “make2014″ yourself if you get inspired to make this the best year ever!

yours truly, blastedgoat


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